Our work and research on leadership, teams, and culture 

We are passionate about and committed to our purpose: better leaders at the heart of business. We are consumed by the challenges facing leaders, teams, and organizations, and how we can add value. Read more about the impact of our work and our perspectives.

Case Studies
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Tough Love

How we partnered with a tech icon to develop one of their teams
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It Takes a Village

How we helped shape leadership at a high-impact non-profit
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Finding your Purpose

How we supported a food industry leader to take a big leap forward

Mind the Gap

How we helped a financial services giant align their intentions with their behaviors

Reflections from the 2024 Institute of Coaching Conference

The importance of mattering for leaders, organizations, and coaches

The Power of Myths and Stories at Work

Getting under the surface of myth making and storytelling in organizations. What should leaders be mindful of?

Come Together: Connectedness in Executive Coaching

We've been exploring and researching what's next in executive coaching. See what we found
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Leadership and the COVID Pandemic

We surveyed 233 organizational leaders at the peak of COVID. Read what we discovered about the way they were leading
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A new wave of leadership for the 2020s

We asked leaders and experts in leadership about the future of leadership in the 2020s. This is what they told us.
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Missteps and Makeovers

An interview with MindsOpen founder Neil Jacobs by Just Capital on the five common missteps leaders make and how to fix them.
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Over the Rainbow

It’s time for companies to define their true identity not just their purpose
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Unlocking Relationships Workshop

Business gets done through relationships. There is an imperative for us to better understand and improve our working relationships. Unlock the secrets to great working relationships
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Be A Protagonist

Discover what leaders do to steer their own path
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More Good Choices in a Row

Exploring identity with advocate and speaker Kara Burns
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Working in Partnership. Why?

We want to know why people really partner up to do work. Share your experiences with us.
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The Gift of Gratitude

We asked leaders we admire what they are grateful for in 2018. Read their poignant messages about gratitude.
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Creativity and Beyond

Our workshop helps leaders and managers generate fresher ideas, move quicker to action and deliver better results. Find out how
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Leading Towards Learning

Discover why organizations fail to learn from events and what leaders can do differently to facilitate learning