Leading with Open Minds

Our purpose

Better leaders at the heart of business

Leaders hold a privileged and powerful position. We exist to help shape more self-aware leaders who more effectively and decisively drive business performance, engage their teams and people, and ably navigate complexities. Our work moves leaders to the heart of business in two ways. By helping them be more influential and at the center of big decisions and by leading authentically through purpose, values, people, and relationships.

Our philosophy

Being a leader in the 21st Century

We are living in an age of leadership that’s all about openness, authenticity, and vulnerability yet expectations of leaders remain high. Leaders are told to play to their strengths but feel the pressure to be good at everything. We know that’s a myth. The omnicompetent leader doesn’t exist. Never has, never will.

Leaders are encouraged to take risks, push boundaries, and be innovative and entrepreneurial but there is low tolerance for mistakes.

It’s no wonder that leaders at all levels get stuck. Stuck in their development and in meeting competing demands. Stuck in old behaviors, bad behaviors, and adapting to new behaviors. Stuck in myopic perspectives, arrogance or self-doubt. Navigating complex situations, relating to others and leveraging difference. Stuck. The same issues apply to teams and organizations. That’s why we exist. Put simply, we help leaders, teams, and organizations become unstuck so they can move forward.

our values
Confidence with Humility
We add value by giving our point of view, based on experience and expertise. We challenge you to help you get the best outcomes. At the same time, we listen attentively to what you need and want.
Why is our most important tool. We’re deeply curious and focused on discovering the underlying issues. We unlock new insights. We are constantly thinking about what’s next in our field.
The Power of
We work in an empathetic, warm, trustworthy way. Our strength comes from the investment we make in relationships and our belief in the power of diversity. We have no tolerance for bullying or toxic behavior.
Difference Makers
We only believe in doing work that has a tangible impact. Don’t waste your time and money otherwise. We work smartly and strategically. We’re at our best when our work makes a difference beyond people’s working lives.
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