Creativity and Beyond

The rise of creativity

Creativity is a must-have capability for today’s leaders, managers and entrepreneurs. The rise in creativity’s prominence has occurred hand in hand with us living in a more ambiguous, technology driven, networked and rapidly changing environment. Creativity has been shown to correlate with job performance, leadership effectiveness and emotional intelligence. In one survey of over 1,500 global business heads, creativity was rated as the most important quality for CEOs, higher than integrity, global thinking and influence. Organizations driven by creativity and innovation generally outperform their competitors:

67% have above average organic revenue growth.
70% have above average total return to shareholders.
74% have above average net enterprise value.

However, there are countless myths surrounding creativity. All too often, individuals are categorized as creative or uncreative. In reality, creative expression exists in many forms. The trick is knowing how to unlock creative thinking and how to turn ideas into action in a way that adds real value. Based on our experience of working with thousands of leaders and managers and our research, we’ve identified what the most effective, impactful people do to ideate and innovate. These are the people who shift the needle in their field of expertise or in their organizations.

Why build this capability in your organization?

• Deliver commercial value and competitive edge.
• Foster a culture of creativity and innovation.
• Drive the company forward through breakthrough ideas.
• Accelerate action by leveraging employees’ creative talents combined with their expertise.
• Prevent Groupthink and outmoded ways of operating.

Without this capability,organizations can get left behind or stagnate.

We have designed the Creativity and Beyond Workshop for leaders, senior managers and high level individuals who need to affect change, drive new thinking, challenge convention or gain competitive advantage. They will leave the workshop being able to generate fresher ideas, move quicker to action and deliver better results.

For more information and to arrange a workshop for your organization, follow the link: Creativity and Beyond Workshop or contact